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Israeli Connection DVDs - Nir Maman - Safety Gizmo

Israeli Connection DVDs - Nir Maman

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Israeli Connection Self-defence DVDs - Nir Maman

Most combat teachers have never been in real fights before or even been close to life and death situation.
Nir Maman has, he is a former special force commando, and a top hand to hand combat instructor.

Nir is an expert he has perfected a short-cut training method that can teach you fighting skills almost overnight.

For this training you don’t need to be in good shape or have any previous skills, you don’t need to be quick or strong…. You just need to be you; any average person can do this training.

With this training DVD, you can learn to take out anyone of any size or skill that attacks you. You can get fighting skills from 0 to perfect almost overnight by using this seven basic moves, one set of skills competence that you can use in any situation, even disarm somebody that threatens you with knife or gun.

2 Disc package 3 hours 30 min training

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