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About Us

Hello and welcome to Safety Gizmo.

My name is Irene Otto, I am the person you will be dealing with if you have a problem, questions or just want to talk. I will also be taking care of your orders. So if you have any problems with the order or anything else regarding Safety Gizmo don’t hesitate to contact me, I am here for you.

I am Norwegian, I came to South Africa in 2008 and was working at a children’s home. I met my husband here and we married and settled down in a town called Somerset West, in South Africa. I love this country, BUT there is a lot of crime here.

I married my South African husband in 2012 and at that time I had 3 children in foster care, and we got 2 more in foster care after we got married. We decided to adopt 4 of the children we had in foster care 3 who were siblings. And later we got 2 boys of our own. So now we have 6 children, I would have loved to introduce them to you but because of privacy, I decided not to put their picture on here.

We are offering a selection of high-quality non-lethal self-defense devices and training videos, surveillance, alarms, hidden cameras, diversion safes, survival and much more.
We don't have a physical shop at the moment.

We are living in a country with lots of crime, there is no place we can be safe anymore, not even in our own homes, we would like to give you and your family the protection that you deserve, but nothing can secure us 100% (except for God), but our products can help you and offer you better security and protection for what you care about. If it is for your home, your family, yourself, work or your personal property.

Why should you buy from us? Because we offer a good range of quality products, we are offering good service and we are always working hard to get you the best products and service you deserve. We will keep on adding products to our collection so visit us regularly or subscribe to our newsletter, and if there is anything you would like us to add please feel free to contact me.

Safety Gizmo is owned by Ottos Webshop company number: 816911052. We are a Norwegian registered business, but our office is in South Africa.
Our warehouses are in the USA and China and your order will be shipped directly to you from there.

10% off all our profits is going to children at risk in South Africa and Kenya, check out our Charites for more information. 

Postal address:             Safety Gizmo    
Shop 11c,
Somerset Value Mart   
7130 Somerset West      
South Africa



If you have any questions, comments, queries, complaints, compliments or product returns, please complete the form below or send me an e-mail.  We will reply to your question within 24 hours or as fast as we can.



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