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Portable Solar Kettle

  • $80.00

Portable Solar Kettle 

No electricity, no fire? No problem you can still get your hot cup of coffee, tea, hot water or get some nice clean boiled water for safe drinking with this Portable Solar Kettle. This Kettle can boil up to 3 cups of water. There is no need for batteries, no moving parts, and no fuel cost.

The Kettle is easy to use and easy to bring with anywhere you go; traveling, boating, camping, hiking, military, survival, and emergency, you can even use it at home if you want to save some electricity.

It has a built in evacuated glass tube boosted by solar wings that increase the energy from the sun. It also has a built-in stand so the kettle can lay back, so it faces the sun.

Size 45.72 cm x 10.16 cm

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