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We at Safety Gizmo want to support the people that struggles, our focus is on children at risk in Kenya and South Africa.

The charities under that we support is all registered Non Profit Organizations working with children.
If you are buying products from us then you are also helping this children in this projects,
10% off all the profit on your purchase will go to the charities under and will be divided between them , if you wish to support a specific charity outside of the 10% then you can choose the charity you want to support under, and choose how much you want to support starting on US$10 and by choosing quantity you can support with as much as you want in $10, 20, 30 etc.

If you wish to support any of this organizations directly or would like to contact them for more info then you can find their contact details under the charity you want more info on.

Thank you for helping the helpless.



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