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Source of Hope

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Source of Hope is an NPO Non-Profit Organization in South Africa with NPO number 123-480-NPO.

We are working with children at Risk in the area of Helderberg, Cape Town.

We are supporting children with school fees, food and clothes, but would like to help more children.

Our focus is children at risk, and we want to help families to be able to keep the children to live with them.
So many single parents are struggling, maybe the husband, the dad of the child(ren) died or left, now the mom is left alone with the baby. She can't work because who is going to look after her child?
And how can she keep the child she can’t buy what the child need because she doesn't have a job.

We want to support these moms with nappies, food, daycare, school fee, clothes, etc. So that she can be able to get back on her feet, we don’t want the mom to give the baby up for adoption or in foster care or place of safety, unless there is a danger for the child. But as long as the mother is capable of looking after her kids and the only reason she wants to give the child away… (it happens a lot) is because of finances then we want to help. We believe it is important for the child to be with the parents and that is what we want to do, where it is possible.

We are also helping other NPO’s in the community that doesn't have lots of financial support. So many prominent organizations get so much money, and then the small local organizations don’t get anything, nobody knows about them because these are local people living in the community that is using their money, the little they have to try to make their community a better place. We want to find them and help them to do their work. 

If you want to support then, you can click on the "add to cart button" over, and you will donate US$10 if you want to give more then choose more quantity.

For more information or if you want to support us monthly then you can contact us on or contact us here on

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