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Don’t Open The Door Until You Have Home Video Security

Posted by Irene Otto on

Nowadays you don’t rush to the door when the doorbell rings. Not anymore. A two-way intercom with a monitor will tell you if it’s a friend or a stranger out there, so better be armed with a home video security system now.

Friendly Strangers on Your Doorstep

It is not easy to open the door to friendly strangers. But how would you know who is waiting for the door to open if you don’t have video home security? Many scary stories about friendly strangers have sent people scurrying to get home video security surveillance. How about you?

You should know by now that families have been harmed, even murdered, by friendly strangers. In most cases, they are not friendly at all. Opening the door just a mere fraction won’t assure your safety from determined intruders. They can kick the door open – and you’ll be sorry.

With home video security installed in your home, you don't need to open the door to peek. A monitor will show you who is there. But better play smart too. Get those cameras that can take pictures of not only the person’s face but also of what is beside him, below him, and behind him. You had better check out the stranger at all angles just like in the spy movies. You never know if you’re missing something.

Your friendly cameras

Get those cameras, whether they are wireless or wired, domed or not, hidden or obvious. You will know what you need for your family’s safety. Your wife will no longer be hysterical about the kids playing outdoors if you have the front yard covered. A home video security system can operate on 4 to up to 16 cameras. If you have a limited budget, you have to start small but smart. You can always add a camera later. If you have the money why not have all your rooms and the outdoors secured?

When browsing online for home video security shops, don’t get confused with the dizzying array of cameras. List the rooms and areas you want to be installed with surveillance cameras. Here are the places you should be watching:

  • playground
  • kids’ rooms
  • master’s bedroom
  • baby’s nursery
  • den
  • kitchen
  • entry ways
  • garage
  • attic
  • cellar
  • backyard

From this list, select the most important area if you are starting out with a few cameras, but do get a quad TV so you can watch four areas at a time. This will be more convenient and it will save you time. You don’t have to switch from one area to another at a time. 

I made you a small collection that you might want to take a look at. We also have lots of other interesting products here.

Freedom for everybody

With home video security, you can let the kids loose in the yard. The kids will love the freedom. You can watch their antics and even butt in when things become rough. Your wife can watch them from the kitchen while she’s doing chores.

Also, teach the kids how to use the monitoring system. When everybody knows how to use the system, they are better equipped for trying events that may occur. Have emergency numbers taped to the table next to the phones and warn them never to open the door, not even to friends, when you and your wife are not home.

With home video security working while you are away, you can check on them online. You get this edge when you arm yourself with the latest surveillance technology. So why wait?


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