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Frequently asked questions


We are dedicated to making your life and your property safer. Our home safety products could drastically enhance physical security, secure belongings as well as offer peace of mind. Below are answers too many questions concerning home safety products. 

Do We Really Need these Home Security Products?

What are the essential features integrated in your home security products?

Are you products easy to operate even by my kids?

What types of home security safety cameras you offer?

Do you offer warranty on your home safety products?

What makes your products apart from the rest?

What is good fit for home safety?

Aside from home safety systems, what are products you offer?


After I placed my order how long time will it take before it is shipped out?

What are your shipping days?

What is the shipping service you use?

What is the shipping price?

If I regret buying my product after I received it who will pay for shipping?

How long time does it take to ship to me?

Do you offer other shipping than USPS and UPS?

Where is your products shipped from?

Do you ship all your products that you have on your website overseas?


Can I return my products?

What must I do if I want to return the order for some reason?

What if the product I received is defect?

Can I get a refund on a gift card?

Should I purchase a shipping insurance for the item I return?

Refund and replacement

When can I get a refund?

Must I pay shipping when I receive a replacement for a defective item?

If I return an item that I don't want what options do I have?

I haven't received any refund yet, and I did receive a mail saying I will get refunded.

How long time does it take before I get my new product?


If I want to order a large amount of products do I get any discounts?

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